Anonymous whispered, "I love you"

Thanks!!! Love ya too <3

Anonymous whispered, "Why haven't you updated with all the pictures of Zac on his vacation?"

A variety of reasons. 1. I’m busy working. 2. Tumblr isn’t that exciting anymore. 3. Editing isn’t fun for me anymore. 4. Tumblr is too much of a competition now. 5. What’s the point?

I could go on and on but I pop in every now and then to see what he’s up to and update whenever I can. 

Anonymous whispered, "Thoughts on zac and Michelle?"

Considering they went to a club and Michelle is openly drinking, very much so knowing that Zac has substance abuse problems…not a fan at all.

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Anonymous whispered, "So does this mean Lorde is a Zac stan or lol"

lordemusic well are ya? :) 

Anonymous whispered, "Don't you find it weird how he's friend with Michelle and Ryan who are known for alcohol and drugs? I really hope he stays sober."

I was really surprised that he was hanging out with Ryan again…thought that was one of the friends that he had cut off. 

Honestly, I know nothing about Michelle but hope he stays careful and weary of his surroundings. 

Anonymous whispered, "You are from zac efron's staff? Or does he update himself aswell?"

I wish I was in his staff! Something I hope to achieve one day. 

Anonymous whispered, "is that ian post real"

LOL yes, he posted it on his facebook

Anonymous whispered, "Have you seen the neighbors? It was so good and hilarious. Zac did great and Seth was super funny.:)"

I haven’t been able to yet :/ my friend gets home from college this week so waiting for her to get back. 

Anonymous whispered, "Where are you from?"

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Anonymous whispered, "When they had first said zac went to rehab I thought it was for drugs. A lot if celebs have drug additions so I was surprised when it was for drinking. Still very serious though. But I'm proud of him for admitting it."

Alcohol addiction is a real thing and people do go to rehab for that but for Zac, it was both alcohol and drugs. 

Anonymous whispered, "is zac really dating halston?"

idk. E! Online confirmed it but I feel like it’s promo for neighbors sooooo idk. 

Anonymous whispered, "Who was holding zacs hand when he was leaving? Is that like his manager?"

his social media manager went to the awards with him. 

Anonymous whispered, "Why do you think he is a dumbass?"

because he’s dumb and has a nice ass. 

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Anonymous whispered, "I need Zac's diet and excercise routine"

personal trainer and money. 

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Anonymous whispered, "Why did you hash tag "dumbass" in the gif set of zac at the awards?"

because he’s a dumbass.