Anonymous whispered, "Who was holding zacs hand when he was leaving? Is that like his manager?"

his social media manager went to the awards with him. 

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Anonymous whispered, "Why do you think he is a dumbass?"

because he’s dumb and has a nice ass. 

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Anonymous whispered, "I need Zac's diet and excercise routine"

personal trainer and money. 

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Anonymous whispered, "Why did you hash tag "dumbass" in the gif set of zac at the awards?"

because he’s a dumbass.

Anonymous whispered, "hi how are you?My name is Eva , a French girl who lives in France .I is not whether you will read this message , or even if you're the real zac efron but know that if one day you are passing through the south of France , I would be happy to meet you!"

This isn’t Zac Efron but even more, I’m confused since you sent me a fanmail with your real tumblr and then sent an anon message? 

Anonymous whispered, "You should do some research. He was actually found near a bridge (off ramp). The bridge was in the Skid Row area but not actually Skid Row (google it). It was stated that Zac was on his way to Little Tokyo for food. Which is near Skid Row but not actually in it (more than several blocks away from the area). The bridge is proof he did run out of gas and rolled to the stop on an exit ramp. Are you even from LA? If you were you'd know all this."

Never said I was from LA so no need to be rude AND I don’t know why you would make the assumption that I was anyways. 

There are conflicting reports from TMZ and the bodyguard yadda yadda yadda but both of them mention Zac throwing a vodka bottle which is still contrary to his sobriety. 

Anonymous whispered, "It's great not being in denial but you are totally dragging him through the mud with some of your comments."

Uhm how so? I literally stated facts.

  1. Zac got into a fight at Skid Row
  2. Skid Row is known for drugs
  3. Zac went to rehab twice in 2013 for drug/alcohol issues 

All I’m saying is that he needs to get help if he’s relapsing because we all want the best for him. 

Anonymous whispered, "Do you know what I'm glad to see on this blog? The fact that you're a zac fan who's not in denial... And when stories like this come out of him being in a know rough area and stuff you don't go around saying that he was there searching for rainbows and bunnies lol I swear some zac fans live in 'happyhecandonowrong land'"

Thanks! I look at things objectively and absolutely hate when fans defend everything a celeb does regardless of whether they’re wrong or not. 

Regardless, I hope Zac gets the help he needs and stays safe. Drug addiction is a serious problem and I don’t think he’s been able to address it properly. 

Anonymous whispered, "I just wanted to throw my opinion in. I don't think that Zac relapsed only because he is doing so good and got rid of bad people from his life. But the other main reason I don't think he did is because he said that he got punched really hard and it was the hardest he had ever been hit. If your drunk or on drugs you don't feel that much pain. I don't think he relapsed. I hope he is doing good! :)"

I don’t think Zac has been hit that much to begin with so him saying ‘its the hardest i’ve ever been hit’ doesn’t have much meaning. And just because you get rid of the negative influences in your life, doesn’t mean that you can’t relapse. Zac was on Skid Row and honestly he didn’t have any real reason for being there. It’s known as a place for buying/selling drugs in LA. 

I’m surprised that it took a few days for it to come out but then again TMZ is known for snooping around the LAPD to get news. 

Anonymous whispered, "Omg zac. Lol. I hope he's okay but goodness."

literally SMH…I really hope he hasn’t relapsed and is being careful with his life choices. 

Anonymous whispered, "Do you believe Lindsey is telling the truth? I don't. Some of the people she named just didn't do it for me."

I honestly have no idea if that’s even her writing or whatever because why would she have a scattergories paper (which the list was written on) at the club…anyways I thought Zac’s reaction was hilarious. 

Anonymous whispered, "I salute you for being able to keep up with this blog when zac is rarely ever around. Is it hard?"

Thanks! It can get a bit tough but I tend to only update when there is something new out whether it’s pictures or news. In the past, I have included a lot of old Zac pictures but I believe they’ve all been posted on my blog. 

Let me know if there’s anything that you guys would like for me to post :) 

Anonymous whispered, "That Awkward Moment was SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!"

WOOOOT!!! Can’t wait to watch it soon then :) 

Anonymous whispered, "Did you like That Awkward Moment? It was ok for me nothing special"

I haven’t seen the movie yet. I was out of the country when the premieres happened and when the movie was released so I’ll have to watch it now that I’m back. 

Anonymous whispered, "Hi! I love this blog! Are you a Zac Efron fan since..."

Hi. thank you :)

I’ve personally been a fan since he was on summerland, that’s the first thing that I saw him in. 

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